Who We Are

We have backgrounds in educational software design, toys and games, brand development, entertainment, and developmental psychology. Designing for children and supporting parents, families, and schools is a part of our company's DNA. We approach all our projects with humor, enthusiasm, and an unshakeable perfectionism. 

Meet Our Team


What we do

With an industry-leading track record of award-winning children’s educational apps, Night & Day Studios designs, builds, and publishes Peekaboo Barn apps and works with likeminded partners, opening the barn doors to kids around the world.

We also make apps for brand owners with great ideas. We have made and published over 200 apps and educational games; we combine depth of experience with a devotion to quality and detail. We create fun and delight on a variety of platforms including iOS, Android, Apple TV, and the web. We’ve developed digital strategy and design/build projects for major market clients including DreamWorks, Warner Bros., Viacom, American Greetings, McGraw-Hill, HarperCollins, Random House, Showtime, Mattel, Scholastic, and Sesame Street. Our apps have been praised by The New York Times, Wired, USA Today, and techcrunch. 

Our CEO, Nat Sims, has a Master’s in developmental psychology and founded Night & Day as a museum exhibit design company, fusing the physical and digital realms.


How we work

We are lucky: We work on projects we like, with people we like. We get to talk about bird beaks and donkey kicks at the office. We’re passionate about making cool stuff for families, and we test everything on our own kids first. Peekaboo Barn apps start with a design sprint, where we state our parameters and the whole team--from designer to engineer--draws ideas on sticky notes, which go on the wall. Through much paring down and refinement, concepts and plans take shape. Once we have a roadmap, our UX/UI (user experience/user interface) designer partners with our senior engineer, art director, and illustrator/animator to begin the process of design and building. Along the way, we test alphas and betas (first and second drafts) of the app with kids who are happy to voice their opinions, and we share sneak peeks with fans. When we launch, the reactions of parents, kids, teachers, and caregivers are what boost us up, and get us excited for the next round!