Welcome to Peekaboo Barn, the iconic “my first app” for children of the digital age.


Years on the App Store

2008 - present

downloads & plays

2M global downloads
100M+ plays
80% average retention rate


Top 25 Kids app for 8+ years


What we’ve accomplished:



Peekaboo Barn apps have been played almost 100 million times worldwide—on average, each child plays the game more than 50 times! We’re gobsmacked.



The original app has been a Top 25 Kids’ App since 2008 on the Apple App Store, and a featured bestseller on Amazon App Store and Google Play. Thanks, digital retailers!



Created by Nat Sims and Night & Day Studios in Portland, Oregon, Peekaboo Barn is the first toddler app turned into books, a table-top game, plush toys, and a boutique of customizable, print-on-demand gear. Feed that toddler’s obsession!


Praised by Babble, Wired, CNET, and Romper, and winner of The Best Toddler App Ever award, Peekaboo Barn has been recommended by USA Today, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, Fox News, Consumer Reports, The Guardian UK, Wired, MacWorld, Telegraph UK, Ireland’s The Independent, Parents Magazine, Autism Speaks, Pediatric Speech, The Huffington Post, Common Sense Media, Consumer Reports, and The Washington Post.


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